We are health insurance specialists, we are experienced in serving an international client base.

Our insurance covers are from the world’s biggest and most reputable insurers. With top quality health insurance products, we are confident that you have come to the right place for one of the most price-effective solutions for international medical.

We invest in providing efficient service to our customers. As such, you can expect a response to your queries within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Although our insurers allow you to manage your plan online, we offer continual support to our customers with your queries and claims submissions.


24 hour support

Department provides emergency medical service to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide immediate medical attention to critical and life-threatening emergencies as well as provide care for minor urgent-care medical problems. We have medical specialists well trained to handle all emergencies any time of the day.

Free Second Opinion

A second opinion can be visit to a physician other than the one a patient has previously been seeing in order to get more information or to hear a differing point of view. Some reasons for which a patient may seek out a second opinion include:

  • Physician recommends surgery.
  • Physician diagnoses patient with serious illness (such as cancer).
  • Physician recommends a treatment for the patient other than what the patient believes is necessary.
  • When physician recommends elective surgery, it may be required by the insurance plan. In other cases, insurance will not pay for a second opinion.
  • Patient believes he/she has a condition that the physician diagnosed incorrectly or failed to diagnose.
  • The physician himself/herself recommends a second opinion

Manage your plan

Part of our commitment to you is making it as easy as possible to manage your benefits. We offer two online tools – My Health Web and the Member Reference Desk – that provide valuable information about your account.